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Sometimes you wonder what a perfect slut like me sees in you.

Let me remind you why I'm yours...


Beg For It

No matter how badly I crave your cock, I still love hearing you beg for it.


Little Urges

-Smaller is Better-

Her husband's massive cock leaves her aching for something smaller - literally.

She's heard you might have just the thing to satisfy her "little" urges.

(Hooray! This is an audio finally celebrating small cocks. Enjoy! This is not part of another series.)


I get to play with you as much as I want while your wife's away. That means I don't stop, even when she calls to check up on you.


After the team’s trip to Vegas, coach is very optimistic about their chances of winning at the upcoming finals.

But that soon changes when one team member threatens to quit if coach doesn’t give him a little extra help with his strokes.

*All characters depicted are above the age of majority/consent (18).*

This is part of a series, however you don't have to listen to all of the previous episodes to enjoy this recording...although I highly recommend you do. :)


Cucked By My Tits

You should have known better than to bring your pathetic new girlfriend to my place. Her tiny tits can't compete with my big perfect globes.

And a bitch like me knows just how to prove it to her...

NOTE: This is a cuckqueen kink story. Meaning I’m super bitchy and humiliate another woman in it. I enjoy recording a variety of different tales, but feel free to skip this one if you’re not a fan of this particular kink. 


Women Do It Too

The guys at work are under the mistaken impression that women don't masturbate. Leave it to me, to prove them wrong.


After their shared night of passion, the MILF next door breaks her promise to be with her young neighbor.

She knows she's doing the right thing by letting him go, but maybe one last suck on his big cock will rid them both of their lust for each other.

This is the hot, sexy and heartbreaking continuation of the original 'Cumming Out of His Shell' recording with a few L-bombs thrown in this time. But don't worry you don’t have to listen the first audio to enjoy this one and there's still hope for this couple yet...

(All characters depicted in this fictional story are above the age of majority/consent (18).)


Hot Tub Hot Wife

I enjoy some fun in the hot tub with a few employees of the resort while hubby and I are on vacation. Don't worry, I let hubby clean up the mess they made.... ;)

You’re finally beginning to realize what a lucky man you are to have your very own slut like me to play with. 
I’m not like other girls. I’m so much naughtier and so much easier to please, because all I want is your cock; especially on those nights when your wife is asleep beside you. They are such naughty fun. 
The nights when you stroke and cum for me, right under her nose, are some of my favorites, just like tonight... 

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