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Insatiable - of an appetite or desire impossible to satisfy

You've heard my boyfriend and I fucking all night. Now he's gone and you discover that I still want more cock.

Maybe you're just the man who can satisfy my 'insatiable' needs.


The Ride

After being stranded along the roadside during my holiday travels, I use my wits to hitch a ride... or was it, my tits?

Either way, I'm eager to show the driver my gratitude...


You're miles away but we still manage to find a way to 'cum' together on New Year's Eve.


Have a happy and safe New Year everyone!!! I hope 2018 will be filled with much more naughtiness!!!

~Lush in Lace


Holiday Wishes…

A quick message for the holidays from Lush in Lace!


Special Delivery

Your company seems to have lost my very important "package", so to make it up to me, you deliver a much more 'realistic' replacement and hope it's to my satisfaction.


You tried to be such a good husband, even after that first time I'd sucked your cock. But a good slut doesn't give up easily.

Listen as I recall that night when I finally broke your resistance and made you mine.


Hate Fuck

Ugh! I deliberately avoid you at every turn.


Simple. I hate you.

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to resist you, even if you are an asshole.

So when we’re stuck working the late shift alone together, a hate fuck was bound to happen.


A MILF helps her neighbor’s shy son cum out of his shell before leaving for a college party, little does she know he has no intention of going anywhere.

(All characters depicted in this fictional story are above the age of majority/consent (18).)


While still in Las Vegas, coach learns a little more than expected from the ‘identical’ twins on her team.

All characters depicted in this story are above the age of legal majority (18)


How generous of you to order dinner but conveniently you forgot the tip, aren't you lucky to have a hot wife willing to lend a hand...


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