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You tried to be such a good husband, even after that first time I'd sucked your cock. But a good slut doesn't give up easily.

Listen as I recall that night when I finally broke your resistance and made you mine.


Hate Fuck

Ugh! I deliberately avoid you at every turn.


Simple. I hate you.

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to resist you, even if you are an asshole.

So when we’re stuck working the late shift alone together, a hate fuck was bound to happen.


A MILF helps her neighbor’s shy son cum out of his shell before leaving for a college party, little does she know he has no intention of going anywhere.

(All characters depicted in this fictional story are above the age of majority/consent (18).)


While still in Las Vegas, coach learns a little more than expected from the ‘identical’ twins on her team.

All characters depicted in this story are above the age of legal majority (18)


How generous of you to order dinner but conveniently you forgot the tip, aren't you lucky to have a hot wife willing to lend a hand...


After a long day of work what could be better than coming home to a horny wet wife, ready for your cock to fuck the stress of your day away?


The Sluttier Sister

Who knew my sisters asshole of a boyfriend had such a nice cock? A cock like that deserves the sluttier sister...ME!


Coach finds herself ‘helping’ a number of her boys at a Vegas glory hole in order to keep them out of trouble.



This is a two (2) part audio with a cuckold portion that begins at around the 11:16 mark in the recording. So if you are not a fan of my “cuckold” swim coach editions, then you can simply stop listening at that point. I promise you won’t miss anything vital to the story if you do.

~Lush 💋


Listen to how it all began...

As I remember the day I first corrupted you - the day you learned that I was truly...Better Than Your Wife

Here are the other 'Better Than Your Wife' Audios in case you missed them:

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Hope you enjoy,

~Lush :)


Hubby Likes to Watch

Hubby enjoys watching his wife with another man.



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