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Tempted By The Twin

It's not my fault you can't recognize one twin from the other, especially since one of them is the total opposite of your frigid, A-sexual girlfriend.

When you mistakenly complain to me (the horny slutty sister) about not getting enough sex, what choice do I have but to show you just how different twin DNA can be when it comes to fucking.


Find More Lush in Lace

A naive college student turns to an 'old' friend after realizing that she's busting out of last year's school clothes.

* * * * *

*All characters depicted in this fictional recording are above the age of majority / consent (18). This fantasy recording was created by adults for adult enjoyment only.*

Wouldn't it be nice to have a naughty guardian angel helping you with the opposite sex? Well, she's right here to coach you through a hot encounter with a sexy stranger.